Triple-T Thursday #26 - Welding Basics

In today's Triple-T (tools, tips and talk) Thursday #26 I'll be discussing the basics of welding and the different processes. Links below.

Checkout Wreath and Rifle Forge:

Links for Welding Tools:
Welding Hood:
Stick Welder:
Titanium Multi-Process Welder:
Welding Gloves:
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Tyrell Knifeworks Instagram:
Tyrell Knifeworks Etsy Store:

Full List of Product Links:

General Tools
Wen Horizontal Bandsaw -
Wen Drill Press:
Wen Portable Bandsaw:
Titanium 200 Welder:
Bosch 4.5" Angle Grinder:
Propane Torch kit:
5" Vice:
Kant Twist 2" Clamp:
Vice for quench plates:
Checkering/Jimping File:
Magnetic Plastic Vise Jaws:
Metal Ruler pack:
Equal Distance Tool -
Epoxy Color Powder pack:
Edge/Center finder:
Magnetic Angle Meter:
123 Blocks:
Height Gauge:
Surface Plate (6" x 18"):
Blue Dykem:
Center Drills:
Cle-Line Drill bits:
Countersink Drill bits:
Digital Calipers:
Photography Light Box:
Gas shock (10", 35lbs):
Nicholson Files:
Nicholson 6" Files:
Nicholson Needle Files:
Carbide Burrs:

Thread spacing tool:
Springfield Leather 13ft Double Shoulder:
Dragon Scale Stamp:
Basket Weave stamp:
Stone stamps (combo pack):
Dye - Dark Brown: -
Dye - Burgundy:
Dye - Light Brown:
Dye - Tan:
Dye - Blue:

Grinding / Sanding / Finishing
Norton abrasives combo 6-pack (2 each of 36/80/120):
Norton abrasives 3-pack 36 grit:
Surface Conditioning Belt (medium):
Surface Conditioning Belt (2pack, very fine):
Belt Cleaning Stick:
Dust Collection System:
Loc-Line Dust Collection Tubing -
Mother's Wax:
2x72 Leather Belt:
Sanding Drum Set:
Sanding Drum Sleeves:
Grinding Wheel (variable speed grinder):
DuraGold 220 grit Roll:

100 lbs propane tank:
Propane adapter:
Pyrometer Gun (-2700deg):
Kaowool 24x24x2:
Forge Scale Brush:
Stainless Steel double forge burners:
Sealcoat HT Caulking:
1 1/4 Gate Valve:
Pulley Block:
1/4 Pressure Gauge:
1.4 Ball Valve:
1/4 Needle Valve:
Dayton Blower:
Insulated Firebrick (12):
Mizzou Refractory (10 lbs):
ITC-100 Refractory:
Ferric Chloride:
Brownell Oxpho Cold Blue:
Parks 50:
Hardness Files:

Hydraulic Press
35 gpm Pump:
Oil Filter:

Surface Grinder
Slide table:
Linear Guide rail:

(These are Amazon Affiliate Links and this channel gets a commission with no cost to you)
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