Tube Amplifier Headphone Adapter: #4 Final Assembly

This final video covers how to do the simple internal wiring, as well as going over the schematic and why this little box works so well with tube amplifiers.

Many people have asked: "How do I connect my headphones to my tube amp?"

Well IMHO this is the best way to do it I have seen. It ensures you have a proper load on the output transformer and the output tube at all times to avoid damaging the amplifier. The optional volume control is handy if you have this located next to where you plan to use your headphones and allows you to remotely switch between the speakers and the headphones.

This is a fantastic first project to get your feet wet in a scratch built DIY project. No high voltages, a low cost chassis/parts + easy to fabricate. You can also customize this to fit your needs!

There are some pictures, the schematic and the BOM at my website: https://www.skunkiedesigns.com/headphone
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