Two Rock Traditional Clean - The best amp for THAT John Mayer tone!

Two Rock Traditional Clean Demo - NO TALKING, JUST TONE…

Rosie full backing track link (please credit me if you do use it, as it helps massively):

Since getting my Two Rock traditional clean last week, I’ve been asked many times for clips/demos, so thought I’d better film one. In my opinion (of course many people will disagree), this is the best amp I’ve ever played for capturing that Continuum era John Mayer guitar tone. This amp is capable of much more than I show in the video and whilst this demo focuses only on Mayer’s tone, the dip switches make it very versatile.

The settings I’m using for each tone are shown before each clip!

Go-to sections and time stamps:
0:00 Rosie: Decibelics Klon Centaur into amp.
1:62 Slow Dancing in a Burning Room: No effects pedals, straight into amp.
3:07 Ain’t No Sunshine: Supro MN3005 Delay, Providence Delay 80’s.
4:18 Edge of Desire: - Klon, Supro MN3005 Delay, Providence Delay 80’s.
5:14 Who Did You Think I Was: - TSV808, Supro MN3005 Delay.
5:50 Belief: Snouse Blackbox, TSV808, Supro MN3005 Delay, Providence Delay 80’s.

Gear used:
- Universal Audio OX
- Fender Custom Shop 1961 Stratocaster
- Epiphone Dot with Monty’s PAFs
- Pete Cornish Cables
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