Ultra-Portable Guitar Rig - Version 2!

About a year ago I made a video about using the HX Stomp on a pedalboard to create a portable guitar rig - just 2 guitars and another bag for equipment. No amp required, because the Stomp has amp simulators built in.

I thought it could still use some improvement so I'm back now to suggest an even more-ultra, more-portable, more-guitar and definitely more-riggy way of doing things!


0:00 Intro
1:20 The Plan
3:34 Construction
4:22 Testing
6:34 Future Refinements
7:24 Connection and Patches
9:27 Packed up Setup

Equipment Used:

Sony A7C with Samyang 18mm Lens
Rode Wireless Go

Thanks to my wife Svitlana for filming.
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