Unboxing a New Fender Strat! | Fender Player Plus Stratocaster Overview

Today I unbox and demo the brand new Fender Player Plus Stratocaster in Tequila Sunrise! Thanks again to Fender for sending me out the guitar and sponsoring this video. You can check out the new Player Plus series here:

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00:00 Intro
00:31 Unboxing
02:01 Initial Impressions
03:20 Trying it out!
04:17 Distortion Demo
05:50 All Pickup Configurations Demo (Clean)
08:30 All Pickup Configurations Demo (Distorted)
10:07 More Playing (Distorted)
10:48 More Playing (Clean)
11:57 Guitar Specs Overview
12:35 Tremolo System Demo
13:23 Closing Thoughts
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