Under The Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers - By Jamie Harrison (Lesson in Description)

Lesson Now Available here: http://jamieharrisonguitar.com

The lesson includes videos on how to play this song, understanding this style of guitar playing, chords, lyrics, note for note instruction, my studio gear, my microphones, detailed info on my guitar and amp, my thoughts on tone, and tonnes more info.

Just me, my Strat, and a little bit of looping action. My cover of Under The Bridge, by the Chili Peppers, my favourite Chili Peppers song, and the most 'Hendrixy' or 'Straty-y' in terms of it's playing style of all their songs. I stayed true to the original recording for most of this, along with using the guitar for Kiedis' voice. Towards the end I used my looper to create something different as you will see.

Hope you enjoy :)
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