Universal Audio Ox Deep Dive and Review // Unlock the true potential of your tube amps!

In this video we are going for a deep dive with the Universal Audio Ox. This is a bit of a long one, so feel free to use the table of contents below (or in the video) to jump around and hear/see what you are most interested in.

We love this thing! If you want to truly unlock the potential of your tube amps, the Ox is a wonderful tool to let you do it.

Applicable links from this video:
Universal Audio Ox: https://www.uaudio.com/hardware/ox.html
Vintage King (get an Ox here): https://vintageking.com/universal-audio-ox

Bradford's board (he used this into the amps in this video):
JHS 3 Series Chorus
Browne Protein
Rockbox Boiling Point
Strymon El Cap
JET Rev V2

Guitars we used:
MJT Thinline Tele w/ Porter Vintage Tele pickups
Parts-caster Thinline Tele w/ Lambertones Blondies
Epiphone Les Paul Std w/ Lambertones Cremas
Shelton SkyFlite IV w/ Porter pickups
Jennings Catalina w/ McNelly Stagger Swaggers
PRS Tremonti SE

Amps we used:
Tyler HM30
Vox AC30/6 TB (Korg UK era)
Matchless Cheiftain
Bogner Duende
Fender '64 Princeton Reverb Handwired Re-issue

All the amps were connected directly to the Ox, and the L/R output of the Ox was recorded directly through a Universal Audio Apollo

Table of contents:
00:00 - Intro/Setup
00:28 - Playing Sample 1 (Les Paul + Vox AC30)
02:41 - What the Ox does in a nutshell
03:17 - Inputs, outputs, and physical controls
05:22 - Playing Sample 2 (Telecaster + Matchless Cheiftain)
06:58 - Where to get one (big thanks to UA and Vintage King)
08:27 - Gear I'm using for the software app demonstration
08:41 - Overview of the UA Ox App
09:13 - Walkthrough of all the sections of the UA Ox app
09:41 - Speaker Drive control
10:08 - Microphone section, and a bit about how this is different than IR's
11:56 - Master effects section - EQ, compression, delay, modulation, and reverb (it's all here)
13:06 - Presets and other settings in the app
15:00 - Playing Sample 3 (Strat + Bogner Duende)
16:35 - Exploring tonal options within the UA Ox app (with playing samples)
17:10 - Microphone options
18:15 - On/off axis and EQ options for the micorphones
20:10 - What does the room mic option do? (It's magic!)
21:22 - Auditioning the different cabinent/speaker options
25:29 - Playing Sample 4 (Jennings Catalina + Princeton Reverb)
26:22 - Closer look at the master effects section (with playing samples)
26:38 - The 1176 Compressor
29:27 - The delay and modulation effects
31:12 - Using the delay section for chorus and flanger
33:13 - The plate reverb section
34:35 - Scrolling through reverb presets
35:44 - Playing Sample 5 (PRS Tremonti + PRS MT15)
37:21 - Things I love: HOW IT SOUNDS
38:58 - Things I love: All the different cab/speaker options
41:15 - Things I love: The attenuation (when you connect a speaker cab)
42:33 - Things I don't like about the Ox (there aren't many, and they're very minor)
46:11 - Can you use Ox with IR's? (YES)
48:39 - Final thoughts


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