USAmps VLX400 Test & Tune Classic EDM Cadence Pro Audio Speakers Full Range Class A/B efficiency

First time sound testing the USAmps VLX400 since it has been in storage. I used my vintage ORION PS100A power supply which is still amazing! Cadence pro 12” for midbass, CVL8” for mids, and Bullet for highs. Possibly a great front door trio or for a stunt wall. Previously the VLX400 ran four ORION HCCA 15” subwoofers. Since it hasn’t been used in awhile I want to do a slow burn in full range. Amazing efficiency this amp has at higher stereo impedances, high enough volume to get it done and pulling under 10 amps of current! Next up will be a light bass test, and then on to strapping it into the truck on 3-18” for full on ✊
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