Used Guitar Prices Are Out Of Control, But Should We Still Buy?

Question Index
00:00 Intro
01:19 James is first
02:20 Tokia guitars?
03:44 Used Guitar Prices Are Out Of Control, But Should We Still Buy?
Read this if you are a Van Halen fan and the reason I bought a Axis
24:50 Does the Mojotone 5E3 amp kit have issue with burning out tubes?
28:03 I have 21 guitars in a 38 foot diesel pushier and do not want to get rid of any.
31:30 Know Your Tone shirts and 300k subs
32:40 Did I get a Kramer Sabo guitar
34:28 Has my dog ever damaged one on my guitars?
38:04 The Squishy Guitar project
40:20 Playing a Fender Baritone Strat
43:28 Music Nomad and doing videos on their new Kiss system
truss rod finder
50:00 Is it better to learn repairing on a kit or built guitars?
54:10 Is the PRS Pauls SE a good mod guitar?
55:45 80s, 90s Fender Start Plus with Nut issues? Your wife toothbrush
58:40 Big Hairy Guitars and Tremolo springs ( he has so money good videos)
1:01:20 Thoughts on Fender Ultra Strat
1:04:09 Will USA guitars from the 90s be worth a lot in 30 to 40 years
1:11:45 What is a Test switch?
1:22:55 My Malin Plexi Preamp
1:28:20 Whats the difference between Friedman and Marshall
1:30:40 The G string will not stay in tune?
1:33:30 Thoughts on Joe Satriani pickups? My Favorite Dimarzios
1:35:34 Nik Huber guitars and $7000 guitars
1:42:30 Is it hard to turn off your mind? Work from home times\
samira guitarist
1:44:59 Music I listen to?
1:47:18 Expensive amps vs guitars?
1:48:50 In the Blues and the You Tubers disclosing information and being honest.
In the Blues
1:59:00 Do I have acoustics?
2:01:30 Issue with a gap under a fret on a brand new guitar? What to do?
2:04:05 Sawtooth guitars
2:05:10 I really like my Ibanez RG565
2:06:42 The PRS SE Hollow-body with Piezo $1500 made in China
2:10:39 Players getting rid of a guitar because of a bad setup?
2:12:49 The Peavey Wolfgangs and prices
2:16:15 Gretsch Electromatics?
2:17:38 Getting a ideal while watching the show
2:19:50 8 string basses?
2:21:18 Glarry guitars are like Grab bags.
2:23:20 My Custom Shop Strat and why it is Custom made.
2:25:00 What I miss from my my Music store???
2:27:00 Dovydas Will I be at Summer NAMM and His 20lbs of muscle on each arm. You Da Man!!!
2:31:57 Dane Zimm from Zimms Guitars and I how I met him.
2:34:26 Shipping is a Nightmare right now


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