Valco FX Five-O Overdrive, Tremolo, Reverb

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The Five-O is a 3-in-1 pedal that started with the idea of creating the ultimate surf rig but soon developed into an extremely versatile fly rig or pedalboard expander for any genre.
Each effect is independent, true bypass and contains cool tricks up their sleeve. Starting with Drive, the brown sounds of the Valco Bloodbuzz have been brought over with more amp-like overdrive and a flexible tone control that is flat at noon and can either boost bass while cutting highs or cut bass and boost highs for maximum sculpting.
The analog Tremolo circuit is aimed at classic amp-style optical tremolo but with the addition of 4 switchable Waveforms which provide subtle movement of sine waves all the way to short, chopped blips in the rectangle shape.
The Reverb section combines the classic resonance of a spring with the extended decay of a studio plate. Not only does it have a Blend but a Tone control for the wet signal and Size knob to access splashing surf or natural studio spaces. Last but not least, the Pre knob changes the order of the reverb effect to transport it from last in the chain to first, allowing the saturated reverb and chopped reverb tails that you’d hear from an outboard reverb into the front of an amp or a smooth reverberation without tremolo in the decay.
Like the other Valco pedals, the Five-O is handmade in Canada and features a hefty metal enclosure filled with high quality components and top-mount jacks to save space. Check out the expanding Valco pedal lineup at

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