Valco FX KGB Fuzz

The Valco FX KGB is designed to be an adaptable fuzz, taking on a variety of instruments with pre-shaping abilities, selectable circuit variations and a clean blend for multi-layered fuzztones. When using The input impedance of any fuzz literally sets the tone for the rest of the signal path. With the KGB’s variable impedance selector, you can dial in anything between warm vintage tones all the way to modern 1Meg input for wider a frequency response and hard hitting attack and compression. A wide variety of Fuzz tones are accessed via the Voice selector, much like the Valco Bloodbuzz. Voice set to Off disables the tone circuit for extra output and a classic 2 knob Bender fuzz, Voice 1 engages a Muff-like 1Khz scoop and a tone circuit. Voice 2 pushes the mids the other way for extra grind like a 3-knob Bender and Voice 3 (Gated) starts open and uncompressed but gradually sputters out as the fuzz is increased for truly unexpected velcro fuzz.
This brings us to the helpful Fuzz/Dry blend slider, which can retain your guitar’s attack when extreme gated tones are selected or preserve the crucial low end in bass, synth or drum machines. To adapt with K (keys, synths), G (guitar) and B (bass), the KGB Fuzz provides a selectable line or instrument input level toggle, in addition to an independent Dry thru output that is pre-impedance selector. The Valco FX line is expanding quickly and these handmade effects from Canada are built to last with high quality components and a unique feature set. Check out this new brand at eastwoodguitars.com

Amp: Fender '65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue, Hamstead Soundworks 1x12 Cab
Guitars: Eastwood McGeoch 1000, Nik Huber Twangmeister, Reverend Roundhouse FM & Wattplower Bass, Fender Ultra Jazzmaster (Loller/Black Bobbin pickups)
Pedals: Dunlop Fuzz Face Mini Ge, Shnobel Tone Daily Driver, Boss DD-8
Recording Gear: Universal Audio Apollo 8 QUAD, UA OX Amp Top Box, de Lisle Amp-Speaker Switcher 4x4 Pro Plus, Royer R-121 Mic
Drums by Stefan Pötzsch https://tinyurl.com/y3dhp6d8
Strings: https://tinyurl.com/StringjoyAndy
Cables: Sinasoid Sable & Sliver patch cables, Revelation Guitar Cables
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