Velocity Tracking 0.1% Servo Control of BR3 Pancake High Precession 48V 10Ac NES-090-70 70Amps peak

The Infranor BLDC Pancake is a flat, small, and low weight motor with high torque. It hits about 4krpm on typical battery system for AGV's and has solid or hollow shaft options for robotics. In this video we will see how to tune the velocity gains Vp and Vi, in conjunction with the position mode Pp and Vff, to get 0.1% velocity regulation or tracking using CME V8.1 with new "filtered" and "command velocity" check box options. The motor is using a 2048 line or 8192 count/rev commutating (Simulated Halls) for low cost velocity control. Higher resolution feedback options are available for very low speeds requiring 0.1% regulation to keep the in the 10,000 counts/second range.

Obviously in system disturbances will effect speed regulation however, Copley has many filters, compensations, and gain scheduling features to help prevent or regulate disturbances.
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