Vertex Boost MKII | The Gold Standard for Clean Boost Just Got Smaller

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5 Ways to Use the Vertex Boost MKII:

00:00 Introducing the Vertex Boost MKII
00:28 What is the Vertex Boost MKII?
01:36 How was the Boost Originated?
02:58 How Transparent is Boost MKII?
05:31 Controlling VOL/EXP Pedals with the Boost MKII
11:24 Using the Boost MKII as a Dual Buffer
14:02 Conclusion/Overview

Don't let the Vertex Boost MKII's name fool you — it's much more than a mere boost. Make no mistake — this multifunction guitar pedal can function as a gain booster, with 16dB of ultra-transparent gain that can either drive your amp into saturation or give your solos a squeaky-clean level bump, depending on where you choose to deploy it. Able to accommodate both line- and instrument-level signals, the Boost MKII also includes ultra-linear input/output buffers that are guaranteed to elevate the sound of your entire rig. This stompbox's buffers can propel a typical mid-level rig into pro-level territory with zero tonal coloration. And if your rig is already 99% of the way there, the Boost MKII will deliver that elusive missing 1%. Beyond that, the Boost MKII's insert jack enables you to adjust your volume via an external treadle-style pedal while keeping your guitar's signal completely isolated — it's like plugging straight into your amp. Boasting a compact enclosure that's 33% slimmer than its predecessor, the Vertex Boost MKII belongs on every tone-obsessed guitarist's pedalboard.

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