Vexx Audio Bluebear - Deep Dive!!!

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Today, we take a Deep Dive into the Bluebear Overdrive, a circuit from brand new pedal builder Vexx Audio out of California. They are a builder I’m really excited about and have some really cool circuits in the works!

This is a bluesbreaker-type circuit and transparent overdrive that is meant to be a little more subtle on lower setting and accent the natural qualities of the guitars pickups without distorting the sound too much.

On the higher settings, its meant to provide a nice, crunchy transparent gain.
Watch the video and see if you think he accomplishes this!

If you like this circuit, Check out his website at
and use my code BGS20 to get 15% off the purchase price on his website.

Equipment used:
Effects – Vexx Audio Bluebear
Amp – Traynor YCV40
Guitars – Fender MIM Telecaster, Epiphone Les Paul Classic

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