Vintage V100M Reissued - Mick Ronson Les Paul Tribute - Guitar Review

We hope JHS/Vintage don't mind us calling the V100M a 'knockoff'... it's said with love and respect and not meant to be derogatory, plus it is true. Anyway we totally loved this affordable guitar so please watch the film to find out more and stick around for mega Ziggy outro Jam!!

According to some lazy research Knockoff products are: 'those that copy or imitate the physical appearance of other products but which do not copy the brand name or logo of a trademark.' So there.

If you don't like the talking or the playing on this video we've made it easy for you to skip along to the next chapter in case something more interesting is happening...

0:00 intro and coming up
0:55 about the guitar
6:35 what does it sound like jam
9:49 having a lot of fun with this guitar
10:25 nerdy stats... neck & pickups, etc
11:55 good straight out of the box
13:10 it's a headstock thing
15:50 final thoughts
19:10 Ziggy style outro jam

Signal Chain Info:
Amp: Vox AC15 C1 live into Protools via AKG414 & SM57
Drive Pedals: Klon KTR / Crowther Hot Cake / Echoplex
Looper: Boss RC3
Very Noisy Pedal Board!

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