VITYAZ DT3 - Smaller Brother of the Legendary DT30

All-terrain vehicles of the "Vityaz" family are distinguished by their original layout, they consist of two articulated all-metal links connected to each other according to a trailed scheme. The first link is intended for the crew and is equipped with autonomous heating and ventilation systems, the second link of the body, connected by means of a special swing-coupling device, is a cargo platform covered with a tarpaulin awning.
The number of seats in the cockpit of the first link is 5. The number of seats in the second link is 12.
The swivel hitch is equipped with two hydraulic control cylinders, with the help of which the driver can control the folding of the links in two planes - horizontal and vertical. Thanks to this design, the Vityaz all-terrain vehicles have tremendous maneuverability and are able to overcome obstacles up to 1.5 meters high and up to 4 meters wide.
All-terrain vehicles "Vityaz" are driven by 4 wide rubber-fabric caterpillar tracks with metal lugs. These tracks provide high cross-country ability, as well as low pressure on the ground, ensuring environmental safety in terms of impact on the soil and vegetation cover without breakdown and destruction. Smoothness of movement of all-terrain vehicles is achieved thanks to the independent torsion bar suspension of the original road wheels with sponge filling, drive wheels with polyurethane coating, as well as rubber elements in the chassis.
The mass of the conveyor in the running order is 11 tons, the carrying capacity is 3 tons. It is absolutely safe to use a trailer with a total weight of up to 4 tons.
The engine of "Vityaz" is a diesel with a capacity of 240 hp, which provides a speed on solid ground up to 55 km / h, on wetlands up to 30 km / h, on water up to 6 km / h.
Hydromechanical transmission, automatic.
Cruising range up to 600 km.

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