VRS Pedals Vs Heusinkveld Sprints. Sim Racing pedal Comparison

VRS Pedals Vs Heusinkveld Sprints, Today we compare the newest pedals to hit the market from VRS against the trusted Heusinkveld Sprints,

Who will come out on top, the new contender or the seasoned veterans in this Sim racing Head to Head.

The Virtual Racing School Pedals feature loadcells in all three pedals much like the sprints but the big difference is a spring assisted brake pedal Vs the Sprints rubber bumpstops. VRS have said the spring will give a much more consistent feel over a race so lets find out. The VRS throttle pedal features a very unique spring only sytem removing the traditional slider rod that most other pedals in this range use, it looks horrid, but could the removal of friction from the rod make the pedal much better? Another big feature is the use of sealed ball bearings in all the pedal pivot points, and big range of adjustability, but, are the VRS held back by the lack of software?

Its time to run some laps and then take a look at the data to find out just how good they are.

Our pedals where kindly sourced and supplied by Mydas Simulations in the UK. If you are looking for Sim racing hardware give them a call, without doubt one of the nicest and most professional companies in the Sim world.

[email protected]

00:00 Start
00:23 VRS Pedal Laps
09:05 Clutch pedal launch starts
12:50 Heusinkveld Sprints laps
18:53 Data review
28:16 Lap time review
29:35 Final thoughts and my decision

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The rig hardware is as follow.

VRS direct force pro wheelbase and Simline GT3 wheel
Heusinkveld Sprint pedals
Fanatec Clubsport shifter, Sequential and H pattern switchable
Carbon Kevlar Tillet race seat from a Caterham G7.

PC specs:
MSI Motherboard MPG Z390 Gaming edge
Intel core I5 9600K
EVGA GTX 1080 TI Graphics
Crucial P1 500gb NVME M2 SSD
Ransor Supersonic 16GB Ram, 2 x 8gb 3600MHZ DDR4
Castle 240R Liquid cooled CPU cooler
Deep cool DQ 750st Power supply
Matrexx 50 Case
Toshiba 4tb External Hard Drive

Triple 27'" MSI Optix Mag27c monitors, screens are set to 60° angle

Shot using Huawei P30 Pro
DJI Osmo mobile 3 gimbal
Razer Kiyo webcam
Blue Yeti Nano Microhone

Edited using Davinci Resolve 16 (Highly recommended and its free!)
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