Wages Jump, Signs of Stress in Emerging Markets, Skeuomorphism in Crypto | Weekly Round Up

In this episode, Mark and I spent a good deal of time covering "inflation related" topics. First we dug deep into retirees leaving the workforce at an accelerated rate, and a look at the jump in wages in the banking sector. Here is the Tweet I referenced, thank you Skanda Amarnath!

Next we took a look at what at first sign appeared to be signs of stress in emerging markets - high yield spreads in China, and emerging market funding stress. But we did a little digging and found a more comprehensive index called the OFR Financial Index, which tracks a broader range of categories (credit, funding, equity valuations, volatility, etc...) and found that we are within the normal range.

We ended the charts portion of the show on a chart of the 20-day moving average of call options traded, which is spiking. We went back and forth a bit about Elon Musk, sorry guys I looked for the article that I referenced and I can't find it. 10 of my finest steeds to the person who can find the article I'm referencing.

To round off the show, Mark and I went into our own personal experience in crypto and what has made some investors successful and others not so. For details on that, you'll have to listen to the episode.

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