Wait till You HEAR These!

Wait till You HEAR These Dumble Pedals. This is my full review of the Gtown Custom Amp 335 and Holygrail Dualdrive pedals. These are based on the Dumble tone but also offer way more than just a one-trick pony pedal. These are some of the best-sounding overdrives of their type. The Gtown Custom Amp 335 and holygrail dualdrive pedals are made in Russia and are built like a tank. The enclosure is one of the heaviest yet. These pedals can run on both 9 or 18v DC.

►Official Site - https://www.gtown-amps.com/
(tell them I sent you)

Thanks to Gtown custom amps for sending out the 335 and HOLYGRAIL DUALDRIVE overdrive pedals for this review. You might be asking what is the best dumble pedal I have tried? So far, it's these. Not only do you get the classic off-clean tones but they are able to handle higher gain tones without anything weird happening on the EQ or response side.

0:00 - A Double Feature & Disclaimer
0:43 - Jam Track
3:22 - 335 Pedal Overview
4:18 - Holygrail Dual Drive Overview
5:33 - Gtown 335 Pedal & Stratocaster
9:53 - Gtown Holygrail Overdrive & Les Paul
10:57 - Holygrail both channels & Delay
12:28 - Final Thoughts

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