We Don't Talk Anymore Guitar Tutorial

This is a guitar tutorial for the song We Don't Talk Anymore by Charlie Puth featuring Salena Gomez. I will place this song at the intermediate level due to the specific picking pattern used in the song. This song can be a great way to learn fast picking and palm muting as well. If you struggle, I would recommend playing at a tempo that you can relax as you strum and play the notes cleanly.

Epiphone Les Paul.
Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates Pickups.
Dunlop "Lucky 13" 0.60 pick.
GoPro Hero+ and Logitech webcam.
CAD U37 Microphone.
OBS, Sony Vegas, and Audacity for recording, editing, compositing.

I started this channel as a way to help professionals prepare covers of popular music for gigs and for new guitarists to learn their favorite songs without having to take lessons or spend a bunch of money on books and stuff. However, I didn't learn guitar from only one person and I encourage my viewers to research the music topics that I bring up at the beginning of my videos. If a technique is tricky, or you don't know the chords or the scales, I would prefer you look up that up on your own so you can begin to "learn how to learn" guitar. There are many free outlets for guitar scales and chords. One day you won't need me!

I also have a firm belief that the way I cover songs is usually closer to the recording than anyone else, and I believe that helps people understand the subtle nuances of a piece when they can see a particular sound reproduced close up. I will also try my best to help you find the correct sound for a song with specific equipment, and I am sorry about not using the acoustic, but I must mention that it is not necessary to have the same guitar, amp, pickups, or recording gear as a famous person to sound as good, and maybe better, than them.
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