Werners Garage 02: Ford Mustang's and Roelofs Engineering | GALLERY AALDERING TV

Today Nico takes a classic Ford Mustang to battle with the latest electric version Werner is driving. He also visits Roelofs Engineering, one of the best Ferrari specialists in the world.

Gallery Aaldering is a family-owned business since 1975 and offers a one-stop experience for car enthusiasts of all sorts and ages. With a staggering and constantly changing collection of over 350 cars, Gallery Aaldering is the largest classic car company in Europe.

Nico Aaldering started the company in 1975, fuelled by his love for classic cars and his son Nick shares this passion. Together they lead and develop the company on a daily basis.
Nick Aaldering: “We cover all operations from buying to selling, offering advice to customers, checking and preparing the cars before delivery and providing transportation on a global scale.”

Nico Aaldering also makes a weekly appearance in the Dutch TV show RTL Autowereld presenting a special and exclusive piece of automotive history, picked from the vast collection on stock.

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