"What Can We Do About Climate Change? - Knowledge Camp

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Climate change is increasingly being recognized as an existential threat to humans, disrupting the balance of life for all living things, indeed all of God’s creation on earth. What can we do as individuals and as organizations to help restore balance? We seek ideas from all of you, but first we’ll outline some of the activities initiated by the Green Team at Lake Oswego UCC.
1) Sustainability is a catch-all term that describes acting in balance. There are agencies that support and certify sustainability, offering a wealth of ideas for action.
2) The Community Carbon Project emphasizes simple actions to create healthy soil and increase carbon sequestration.
3) Solar energy is becoming more favorable economically; the Oregon Clean Power Cooperative offers pathways to installation of solar arrays or investment in community solar.

Presented by Carl Wamser of Lake Oswego United Church of Christ, Lake Oswego OR. This was one of six Knowledge Camps offered on September 27 during 2021 Annual Gathering of the Central Pacific Conference of the United Church of Christ.

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Welcome to the Central Pacific Conference of the United Church of Christ!
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