What Goes Into an Off-Grid Power System? Overland RV Solar Power System With 12V Air Conditioning

In this video, we take a look at our overland truck camper solar off-grid power system that we put together. This system includes lithium batteries, 495 watts solar, a 12V air conditioner, 3Kva Inverter. This overland truck camper build is designed to operate off-grid for long periods of time and provide all the power we need for comfortable living!

Read more about this build, get the schematic and sign up for newsletter updates over on our website: https://mortonsonthemove.com/overland-solar-off-grid-power-system/

Disclaimer: Battle Born Batteries is a sponsor of ours and the batteries were provided to test out and review on this build. We are not paid to say anything in particular about the products however and our views are that of our own only.

Be sure to check out the walkthrough of the camper here -- https://youtu.be/HJeKoRYuEtw
And the overview of the truck here -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGQlsLOvQ8Y&t=670s

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