What Makes a Guitar VERSATILE? Two different methods…

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‘Versatile’ is a term that gets banded around in the musical instrument industry perhaps a little too frequently. Often, we find ourselves playing our favourite guitars, loving the tones we’re able to coax out of them for our regular guitar playing needs. But, what happens when your band mates elect a new song for the set list, or you decide to venture in a new musical direction, with just one guitar at your disposal? You’re going to need an instrument that can truly go anywhere & catch all.

In our opinion, two of the guitars that best exemplify true versatility are the HSS-loaded Strat-style platform, utilised here by Suhr, and PRS’ groundbreaking hybrid in the form of their Custom 24/08. One builds on the classic Fender platform developed in the ‘50s, expanding its abilities by adding a humbucking pickup for smoother, raunchier distorted tones, while the other pedals back on the classic twin-humbucker setup, with very capable coil tapping options. Two different approaches, with similarly flexible results.

In today’s video, we set out to answer which one works best for your own personal tonal needs, as well as which can ultimately be crowned the true champ of versatility!

Let us know in the comments which one works for you - do you gravitate more to the Suhr or the PRS?

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Jump to the clips!
0:00 - Introduction: What makes a versatile guitar?
1:29 - Suhr's Approach
2:02 - PRS' Approach
3:14 - Suhr Overview
4:26 - PRS Overview
7:26 - Suhr Clean Tones
8:57 - PRS Clean Tones
11:17 - Suhr Breakup Tones
13:04 - PRS Breakup Tones
15:38 - Suhr High Gain Tones
17:37 - PRS High Gain Tones
19:05 - Conclusion

Check them out here:
Suhr - https://bit.ly/2NYTmg5
PRS - https://bit.ly/3jg6hWM

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