What's The ETIQUETTE For MOOCHDOCKING? | RV Living MAINE (Part 2) | Reset Your Journey

Moochdocking & Hiking in Maine! RV Living and Two Reasons Why We Love Our Outdoors RV!

What is moochdocking or driveway surfing? What should you consider when moochdocking? We discuss the appropriate etiquette and some of the different situations.
We moochdocked in our friend's driveway near Camden, Maine and in this 2nd video, they showed us the rest of the "Maine they love."

We also discuss two reasons why we love our Outdoors RV trailer.

We explored:
La Verna Preserve in Bristol
Mt Battie in Camden
Bald Mountain in Camden
Bethel, Maine
Step Falls and Screw Auger Falls in Newry.

We dumped our tanks nearby at Camden Hills State Park Campground. It was $20 each time, which is more than we're accustomed to,
but worthwhile pending the great location!

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