When Someone Yells Fleetwood Mac and This Singer Steals the Show

@Katie Lowe steals the show when @Sean Daniel yells Fleetwood Mac. Katie and Sean sing and make music together so I am well aware of her singing abilities but no one expected this song to sound this good!

My street performance equipment:
Schecter Mach https://imp.i114863.net/mgzOOO
Boss RC-505 https://imp.i114863.net/aMDdZ
Roland SPD-SX https://imp.i114863.net/1vzAd
Boss GT-1000 https://imp.i114863.net/gx5dB
Arturia Microfreak https://imp.i114863.net/mD4nZ
Boss VE-500 https://imp.i114863.net/krA6N
TC Helicon C1 https://imp.i114863.net/GM1Wk
Bose L1 Pro32 https://imp.i114863.net/6byY9N
Slide https://imp.i114863.net/NMEMK
Harmonicas https://imp.i114863.net/NMELK
Zoom H6 https://imp.i114863.net/mP1MX
GoPro https://imp.i114863.net/Rzdb7

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