When to Sell Stocks: 3 Strategies That Will Make You More Money

When is the right time to sell stocks? Would it surprise you to know that the most common reason traders are inconsistent and suffer losses is their inability to know when to sell stocks. Unfortunately, the inexperienced either do not sell or they sell at the wrong time, which results in taking less profits or larger losses.

In reality, the biggest temptation trader’s face is the need to sell stocks as soon as they are in profit while their biggest regret is hanging onto stocks they are losing money on. But just because a stock has risen in value is not a good reason to sell and just because it has fallen in price does not mean you should buy. That’s because the number one rule in trading is to let your profits run and cut your losses short, yet so many do the exact opposite.

So, when is the right time to sell stocks? In tonight’s show, Dale and Janine will look at some of the best Australian stocks to own and explain the strategies you need to know when deciding to sell stocks in profit and when they are in a loss. They will also discuss whether now is a good time to be buying or selling.

Playlist: Australian Stock Market Show - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBIUY0G4dO0&list=PLOGTDwqa-leKPYDx-_5QAoV-fAoa_BRlw

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