Why DOES It Take 2 Weeks To Buy a Guitar Setup To Perfection?

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Advertising you professionally setup every guitar you sell is quite a bold claim for any online store - yet its surprising how many do say this is exactly what they do.

To actually professionally setup a guitar is highly time-consuming. Its not a case of "is this ok?" - its a case of "how can we make this better?"

EVERY guitar sold benefits from this process. Every guitar is improved upon - even if just to make the guitar feel more like the customers' guitar than just another guitar.

This video I hope will really demonstrate fully WHY a fully professionally setup guitar sold online CANNOT POSSIBLY be ordered and received by the customer in 24 hours. Its just not possible.

So.... when you see online stores advertising free setups or even worse - if that dealer suggests "yeh, we do everything Richards Guitars does" - you can remember this video and dig a little deeper into the reality of the claim they are making!

I believe what we do here is unique. From the fact I will only sell personally recommended guitars through to the fanatical service and bespoke setups.

Its a workshop environment - in place to bring you as close to perfection as we can muster - not a faceless box shifter making bold claims they cannot live up to.

Just remember - Good things come to those that wait and if someone is promising you a next day delivery they are definitely NOT doing what we do here!
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