Why Ecuador? Food, Photography, And Ecuador Tips w/@DonShader

In this first video podcast, I interview @DonShader to talk about why he chose to live in Ecuador, why he specifically chose Manta instead of any other Ecuadorian city, why is fruit so good in Ecuador, the reason why seafood is more expensive in the states over Ecuador, a discussion about how industrialization has been deteriorating our health and how Ecuador might be the solution to that, why you can go longer without eating than sleeping, noise problems in Ecuador, and a session of questions and answers. If you want to know more about Don Shader, Ecuador, and photography, make sure to check out his channel and his Instagram page!

Don Shader on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shaderdon/

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0:00 Why Ecuador?
2:35 Why Manta and a good alternative?
4:34 Don Shader's Preferred Activity In Ecuador
7:10 Don Shader's Preferred Food And Least Favorite Food
8:36 Why Is Fruit So Good In Ecuador?
12:36 Why Such A Difference Of Price in Seafood in The USA and Ecuador?
15:17 Thoughts On Rice, Gritz, and Processed Foods
20:15 Foods I Miss And Peanut Butter Inflation
23:19 Why Does Everything Have To Be Industrialized?
29:41 Nutritional Information Difference Between Ecuador and USA
32:25 Sleeping Is More Important Than Eating and Noise In Ecuador
37:33 Funny Story Time
40:19 Q&A

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