Why use Midi in your guitar rig?

Hey Guys, here’s a brief introduction to using Midi in your guitar rig for those interested.
We’ll be looking at keeping all of your time based Fx in Sync with a band or a backing track as well as interacting in real time with something like the MC-707 GrooveBox where you can recall different musical patterns such as an Intro Verse Chorus section etc etc...

It's amazing all of the stuff you can do, this is really an overview of some of the things that are possible for those unfamiliar, if you are interested in this topic and want me to explain exactly how to set it all up let me know in the comments and I’ll endeavour to create a video showing exactly how to do it with the menu screen etc.

More Music, guitar gods episodes and ‘how to sound’ like videos coming up soon.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ll find this video in some way insightful.

All the very best.

Video Chapters.

0:00 - The Gear I’m using
0:38 - Welcome Intro
2:14 - Examples
2:37 - Setting Fx with BPM
3:22 - Tremolo
3:38 - Tap Tempo
4:41 - Using EXP pedal
5:27 - Patch Midi example
6:14 - MC-707 what it does
6:56 - Grooves/Scenes
7:43 - Metric Modulation
8:22 - Human Nature vibes
8:41 - where Midi starts getting cool
9:17 - Jam with different grooves
11:01 - Outro
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