Windows 11 Pinball

The original Microsoft programmer for Windows Pinball reveals how Windows Pinball made it from NT to Windows 11 today.

Dave was the original developer who wrote the XP port of Windows Pinball, and in this episode, he tells the story from the game's original addition to Windows all the way to its removal, and why.


You can find a copy of the download at https://www.groovypost.com/howto/windows-7-3d-pinball-space-cadet-game/

To control the ball in play with your mouse, type in “hidden test” (no quotations, space in the middle) before the first ball is launched. This will allow the ball to be controlled easily simply by using your mouse.

Type in the words "hidden test" with the space (but no quotes) to enable a secret mode designed to aid in testing. Now you can hold down the left mouse button and drag the ball anywhere you want, in complete ignorance of gravity.

This code enables other hidden features that can be triggeredduring gameplay:
Press H to edit the high scores.
Pressing M displays your system memory available to windows.
Pressing R increases your rank.
Pressing Y displays the game FPS in the title bar.
B, F11, and F12 are also hidden keys, but their functions are currently unknown.

Note: To get out of Debug mode simply press thespace bar.
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