Winter 2022 NAMM Canceled And Summer NAMM Moved

Subject Index

00:00 Intro
01:33 Winter 2022 NAMM Canceled And Summer NAMM Moved
05:58 Do We still need a Namm show? My experience as a dealer and YouTuber
11:50 My experience with the virtual NAMM show
15:09 The reality of being a dealer with bigger brands. Gibson, Fender, Boss
18:58 What store would I check out in Nashville?
22:18 Guitars coming to the channel very soon
29:00 A lot of brands are not the deal they used to be
34:55 How You can help my channel with out watching ads
37:34 Are guitars made during Covid not as good?
44:09 What is my go to acoustic brand?
45:20 Dean Zalinsky and his involvement with Dean, DBZ, Diamond, And new company
1:08:40 Issue with PRS wiring and should you get a kit?
1:11:30 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbfGiCOWzUQ
1:13:15 Why every guitar adjustment is different
1:18:40 My wife and kids thoughts on my gear
1:21:50 What should you do if your acoustic preamp on a old guitar stops working?
1:24:00 Cole Clark guitars
1:26:42 The wife's rule of wearing new clothes
1:28:25 If I could only keep one amp which would it be?
1:30:00 The mini Bogner and why it caused me to buy a full size Bogner
1:31:15 I bought stock in A Gibson guitar and?
1:31:16 Gibson is still the same company they have always been?
1:34:58 Orangewood acoustic issue
1:36:52 Thoughts on the CRAZY Used pricing on Reverb.com
1:43:00 Donner pedal issues?
1:45:00 Why I set up muiti effect amps the same way I set up any other amp
1:50:55 Why I only use String Swing and Niro finish issues
2:04:55 What does Demo stamped in a guitar mean?
2:07:25 My wife makes the cool swag pack. She gets all the credit
2:08:39 Some talk about the Bogner mini and what I think it is good for
2:17:58 I watched Six String Samurai
Michael Nielsen Worked on Six String Samurai and has a great channel

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