WIRELESS POWER TRANSFER Part 19 INPUT POWER & WAVES! (Over unity!? Free energy!!?)

It's great to be able to finally see my waves!! This will help greatly with tuning.
My power source "is" my frequency generator's output, which can not be more than 1.6watts of power. According to my scope I have only 20milliWatts or power, which is what I expect because I have practically no load. The source does not recognize the 700 LEDs as a load, they are being influenced by the energy in the air from the transmitter.
20mW of power running over 700 LEDs!?

Things I will look into for next time are....
I show on oscilloscope approximately 6.25Vrms, when I am applying 16V from frequency generator, so next I will check my freq gen to check and see if it's output is Peak, Peak to Peak, or RMS. I will connect scope directly to freq gen & see what unit on scope has 16V(P, PP, rms).
I will also attempt again to get output readings, but proven difficult, as the scope effects my system.

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