Women's Total Wellness Part 3

Hi everyone, Welcome to the Women’s Total Wellness Program Part 3, I am so glad to have all of you here. I am proud of you for showing up in this webinar. It is a sign of your mindset growth. Let’s we learn, grow and achieve together in this support group

Before we continue, we would like to invite you to join our FREE support group. Scan this QR code or click the link in the chat:
https://t.me/totalwellnessprogram (for men and women)
https://t.me/womenprogram (for women)

This support group is specially designed for us women, where it will be a safe and loving community.

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We learn, grow and achieve together. We support one another to overcome all our challenges.

As Covid regulations now allow us to do face to face meeting, we have activities planned for you. We will keep in touch with all of you through the Telegram Group.

Good news!! We have planned the first activity next week. Yogurt making workshop. It will be on next Sat morning 30th April at 11am - 1pm, at Burlington Square. Join us and let’s learn about gut food together.

Holistic Wellness have how many pillars? And what is the short form of them?
Anyone of you still remember WAFERS stands for what? Type in the chat.

W for Water – The water we drink is important for our health. We talk about the inorganic minerals & contaminants found in water which comprises of stones, rocks, rust, metallic, toxins, chlorine, fluoride, plastic etc. The human body can only absorb minerals in organic forms coming from fruits and vegs. We advocate drinking distilled water as the best, purest and safest form of water. Distillation or distilled water is the natural water cycle designed by God, see this picture.

So this is WAFERS, who has answer correctly?

Joyce has covered 3 out of 6 pillars
A for Air, we as human need to breath clean air for good health.

Deep breathing is also a form of stress relief management with many benefits. One of which is sending oxygen to the cells. You have learnt deep diaphragmatic breathing, have you practice it?

F for Food. How to eat right? Taking natural whole fresh fruits & vegetables and food with the right portion of protein, fiber, good fats and complex carbo, you will start to feel more alert and energized, have better skin, maintain a healthier weight, improved health and well-being. Keep eating well to experience amazing effects for yourself !

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