xKINGx - The Further (Guitar Cover)

Hi. This is my first guitar cover, yeah.

Since i learned it by listening to it, there is a high chance that there are some mistakes. I apologize for that.



Subzero Generation 7 Fanfret (25 - 27 Scale length)

Tuning: Drop G (low to high: G-D-G-C-F-A-D)

strings: 12 - 16 - 20 - 34 - 46 - 60 - 80 (I use these thicc strings since i mainly play on G Standard and Drop F on my 7 string. It was a bit tight for Drop G but it works.

Amp: Ibanez Guitar Amplifier IBZ3

I, obviously, don't own the song. All rights to xKINGx. They're heavy.
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