You Pick Guitar Effect Pedal Combinations of 3! - Ear 4 Gear Ep. 002

You Pick Pedal Combinations of 3! - Ear 4 Gear Ep. 002
It's about the effect, not the pedal brand.
Simply pick 3 pedals you would like to hear together and place it in the comments. Don't forget to like and subscribe so you can see if your pedal combination idea was chosen! Yay!
These are the e-pedals I can program into my 3 istomp pedals to choose from...

240 Plate Reverb,
3Q Tone EQ,
Amp Driver,
Angelic Choir
Blue Pearl Chorus,
CE Chorus,
Continuum Reverb,
Death Metal,
Dirty Robot,
DM Delay,
DOD FX13 Gonkulator
DOD 25FXB Envelope Filter,
DOD Overdrive Preamp/250,
DOD FX69 Grunge,
Double Cross Delay,
Flanger Affair,
Freeze Wah,
Glimmer Drive,
Half-Pipe Overdrive,
Jet Flanger,
Lexicon Large Hall Reverb,
Magic Fingers Vibrato,
Opto Tremolo,
Phaser Beam,
*Red Compressor, (labeled wrong in video as Redline Overdrive)
Red Coral Dual Detune,
Redline Overdrive,
Rock It Distortion,
Rodent Distortion,
Screamer: Overdrive,
Snake Charmer: Tremolo
Sound Off,
Spring Tank: Reverb,
Stone Phase,
Swing Shift: Pitch Shifter,
Tone Boost: Dual Tone Boost,
Total Recall: Delay,
Unplugged; Acoustic Simulator,
Vanishing Point: Modulated Delay,
Vintage Tape Delay,
Xul: Octave Fuzz
Total Recall,
Vintage Tape Delay

These are the "real" or "normal" pedals to choose from...
MXR Univibe
MXR Gypsy Fuzz
MXR Fuzz Face
MXR Phase 90
MXR dyna comp
BOSS GE-7 Equalizer
BOSS DS-1 (original)
BOSS DS-1 (Marshall Mod)
BOSS FZ-5 Fuzz
DOD FX56 American Metal: Distortion
Ibanez TS10 Tube Screamer Classic
electro-harmonix BIG MUFF: Distortion/Sustainer
Fulltone OCD: Overdrive/Distortion
Dunlop Cry Baby Wah
Danelectro French Toast: Octave Fuzz
Danelectro FAB Echo
Digitech Whammy
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